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Showing 1 - 24 of 34 products
18-DS-30 Drill Stop 18-DS-30 Drill Stop
Sale price£3.94 ex. VAT
3" Aluminium Type C Hose Tail Lever Coupling
3” Type E Aluminium Hose Tail
4113051 - 2" Lay Flat Delivery Hose
7/32 HSCO Threaded Shank Adaptor Drill Bit
ATA ST100 turbine die grinder ATA ST100 turbine die grinder
Sale price£496.25 ex. VAT
Bosch GDX 18v-200 Bosch GDX 18v-200
Sale price£156.00 ex. VAT
Bott 14025395.11 1050 Perfo Panel RAL5010 Blue
Burraway deburring tool 3/16"
Cleco 961102PT Battery Cleco 961102PT Battery
Sale price£525.00 ex. VAT
Cleco 962085PT Battery charger
Darg 57000 - Protector Cable
Darg 60002 Gear - Bevel pair 4,500 rpm
DPN901-019 Jaw Pusher Spring 1pc
EP100 Engraver EP100 Engraver
Sale price£145.00 ex. VAT
G-19-01L 140mm Needles(19) G-19-01L 140mm Needles(19)
Sale price£10.30 ex. VAT
Sale price£0.60 ex. VAT
IPT G1907 Piston Ring IPT G1907 Piston Ring
Sale price£4.85 ex. VAT
KPT NG65LCS Die Grinder KPT NG65LCS Die Grinder
Sale price£365.00 ex. VAT
KPT.52 Chipping hammer KPT.52 Chipping hammer
Sale price£135.00 ex. VAT
Nitto TD01802  Carbon brush Nitto TD01802 Carbon brush
Sale price£3.75 ex. VAT

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